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Writing – Get Started Selling What You Write

Want to sell everything you write? You can – writing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Get started with these easy tips.

1. Create a Blog

Look on your blog as your online shop front. It’s a way to both display your merchandise, and to get in touch with new customers.

You can set up a blog for free on many blog platforms. Blogger is the easiest because you don’t need any tech expertise – you should be able to set up your blog in less than a minute.

Remember that this blog is your shop front. The focus is on your writing, not on glitz. So choose a simple template.

Now you have a blog, choose the topics about which you’re comfortable writing. Any area in which you have expertise is good. If you’re not sure what topics buyers want, there are many ways to find out, so read on.

2. Advertise Your Writing Services on the Blog

Add a “Hire Me” note to the bottom of every blog post, and add it to the sidebar as well. People need to know you’re available to write. If you’re not sure what topics buyers want, ask on your blog.

Start making blog posts in the areas in which you want to be hired to write – beauty, self help, sports – whatever.

Don’t forget your “Hire Me” note. If you’re writing about a specific topic you want to write on for others, you can change this to: “Like What You Read? Hire Me to Write on This or Other Topics for You.”

Remember that every blog paper writing service reddit post you make is a new page on the Web, and people can find your blog from any page; so you need to advertise and keep advertising.

3. Leave Comments on Other Blogs

Leaving comments is a great way to lead people to your blog. However, do add value with your blog comments. That is, contribute to the discussion. A comment like “Nice, useful post” is not a contribution, it’s spam, and it will be deleted by the blog owner.

When you contribute, not only are other blog owners grateful, many will point buyers to your blog.

4. Become Active on Forums Where People Who Are Making Money Online Gather


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