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Which LED TVs Are Best?

Anyone who is thinking of buying an LED television should read this first, before making any major decisions. Televisions have become a major purchase over the past few years, as advances in technology have made high quality televisions very expensive to use. Before making a purchase, make sure that you know exactly what you are getting, as sales associates will use industry jargon in order to make you believe that you are getting a great deal when, in fact, many of these televisions have the same features.

There are countless companies that eclipse tv streaming service are offering LED technology, so it can be difficult to decipher which companies are offering something special and which companies are offering the same old product. This is because new technologies have recently arisen that give consumers the opportunity to the clearest picture available on the market, but this technology is only available with certain televisions. LED lights are basically used as the backlight of the television and they are much more efficient than past bulbs, which makes these new televisions must clearer and longer lasting than anything that has been developed in the past. The actual screen will have an LCD display, so there are two different types of lighting at play here, which come together in order to create a picture. Many people believe that all LCD televisions are the same, but the truth is the ones that use an LED backlight are a higher form of technology.

Calling these televisions true LED was a development of the marketing department of Samsung, which wished to capitalize on the marketing of the Sony OLED television, which was doing very well for itself. In the end, however, there are a number of things that must be looked out for, as they are what make the LED better than any other LCD or plasma television.

The first thing that has improved greatly is the picture quality, as there has definitely never been a clearer picture than the LED televisions offer. There is a higher contrast ratio when the LED lights are used in the background, which is why these televisions are on the cutting edge of current technology. These lights are also environmentally friendly, as they use up less energy, which will also save you money on your electric bills. Finally, LED lights can come in a thinner package, so the television as a whole can now be made thinner. This is very important for many people, as these televisions can now virtually fit anywhere.

Now that you are aware of what LED LCD televisions have to offer, you should know that not all models are exactly the same. Since different companies will use different technologies in different manners, there will always be some differences between models. One of the best competitions currently on the market is between Samsung and Sony, as they are competing for top spot in this competitive market. The televisions that are at the forefront of this competition are the Sony Bravia LED LCD HDTV, the Sony OLED TV, and the Samsung B8000 LED LCD TVs, which has led to some interesting debate within the industry.

Since this technology is relatively new, there are still a number of improvements to be made. With that being said, Sony has done a great job of developing new technology in a short period of time and, therefore, it currently at the top of this industry as far as quality goes. Sony uses three differently colored LED lights, as they have one blue and two green LEDs. What this does is create a much purer picture for the viewer which, in the end, is what the viewer is looking for. With that being said, the Sony televisions are much more expensive, as they chose not to bother with more affordable televisions.

That is where Samsung comes into play, as they are able to offer comparable televisions for thousands of dollars cheaper. In the end, the Samsung television still has a great contrast ratio and most people will not be able to tell the difference between it and the Sony models, but the Samsung can save you as much as $3000. If you have an extra $3000 just sitting around, then the Sony is of slightly higher picture quality. If not, the Samsung is definitely a viable alternative, no matter how picky you are about your televisions.

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