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Ukraine Woman – What Makes Them Look For Love Abroad?

These facts partially explain why so many Ukraine women are looking for relationships abroad. It is not that there are no men in their native country; they simply want to start a new and better life.

Ukraine is relatively big compared to many of the other European countries. It became part of the huge Soviet Union with all positive and negative effects of this and officially became a separate republic in 1991. During the Soviet years and the bad governmental politics, the country faced big challenges and problems. Private property was limited and any private initiative was banned. Later the new government could not deal with the modern economy tempo and the country sank to poverty. Even today the political situation is unclear and most people are not satisfied with their governors.

Typically a Ukraine woman is well educated and speaks more than two languages. The country is bilingual and people speak both Ukrainian and Russian. In the last years English, German and other western languages are taught at school too. Young women go to university as soon as they finish high school. There are many good specialists especially in the National Taras Shevchenko University Of Kyiv and National Technical University Of Ukraine Kiev Polytechnic Institute – both leaders in professional education.

Unfortunately good education does not guarantee a job in an economy pressed by inflation and limited investments. You will be surprised to learn how many girls take their bachelor or masters degrees in science, economy or philology, only to become waitresses or shop assistants working literally for pennies on the dollar. Naturally girls are disappointed and want to go abroad where they can put their knowledge into practice and be respected by their employers.

Usually these women have already been abroad. There are many companies which hire people for the so called Work & Travel Summer Programs – young people from the universities are given the chance to work as washers, cleaners or maids in big restaurants or hotel chains in the United States, UK or Spain.
Though these jobs are not prestigious, every normal girl prefers them because they are better paid than a manager position in their local country. A popular slogan from ad-campaign of those Work & Travel says: We are looking for a maid with a salary of a boss.

Women who have not been abroad on the other hand have heard a lot about the life there. They may have relatives of friends who have moved to western countries and they are also looking for the right match abroad. In addition they are feeling sick of local men who they know in detail, know their cheap tricks and attitude.

Of course love is not a mirage and the typical Ukraine woman  Invest in Ukraine will make everything possible to prove her feelings. These ladies are not that desperate and would not try to lie you that they like you if they do not. Indeed many of them are trying to get married abroad in order to have legal right to stay and work in the foreign country, but these are rare exceptions.

There is no intelligent woman on this planet who would take a step to marriage abroad if she does not have feelings for the man or if she believes that after the marriage she can simply take her visa and start her own life. However, you are the other side in this international relationship are and you can see how everything is going before asking her to marry you.


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