The Invention of the Hunter Ceiling Fan


Hunter Ceiling Fans – the first and still the best!

Long before there was air conditioning – or even widespread use of electricity – people around the world counted on Hunter ceiling fans for cool comfort. The irish descended father and son team of John and James Hunter created their first ceiling fan in 1886. Their first designs were actually water driven. A little later Hunter introduced an electrically powered version. It was one of the first products to ever run on electricity.

Today’s fan can be used to not only provide essential cooling for your home or office but can also be used in reverse to redistribute trapped heat at the top of the ceiling areas back to floor level saving energy and money. Cost savings of up to 24% on winter heating have been achieved. This is because the thermostat can be set down a couple of degrees which adds up to a lot of savings. Another big benefit of the product is how it can be used to complement an existing air-conditioning system. Again the settings can be turned down by 3-5 degrees centigrade resulting in a 40% reduction in air-conditioning system running costs. This not only means valuable cost savings but also energy savings which is great for the planet and environment.

Ceiling fans are far simpler to install than air-conditioning and because there are very few moving parts – essentially the motor – they are very reliable. Hunter is the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty such is its confidence in its quality and reliability. No expensive annual maintenance and breakdown cover is required. They just keep working as intended year-in year-out.

The annoying hums caused by breakdown of the insulation on the windings or laminates and capacitors of cheaper alternatives are banished. Hunter combines its heritage of 19th century craftsmanship with 21st century technology to create products that are unmatched for quality, style and quiet performance. Hunter has 100’s of patents more than any other engineering firm in Tennessee and have pioneered the use of the latest technology to enhance performance, reduce energy consumption and eliminate noise-creating wobbles. A classic example is the tri-globular ball mounting device which enables a fan to be mounted on any angle of ceiling and yet provide a perfect wobble-free operation. This has been copied by all of its main competitors. The development of quick fit blades is another example. Many other innovations are adopted into the motor such as internal cooling fins and silicon steel laminates to keep the motor quiet. Other consumer needs have been addressed such as adding a light or remote control. With such a reputation to protect it is no wonder that Hunter is one of the biggest consumer brands in the world.

Nearly 130 years after the invention of the very first ceiling fan Hunter’s name and products are still a comfort to millions. No wonder so many conservatories, homes, resorts, restaurants, bars, hotels, sidewalk cafes, movie theatres, warehouses, classrooms, offices, churches and more around the globe count on Hunter for reliable, silent and stylish cooling and comfort. Hunter was the first and is still the best!

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