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Playing Hard to Get – The Magic Behind It


Playing hard to get is not about holding out on sex as a weapon. It’s not about putting him off to make him want you more. It’s not about flaunting other guys in front of him. This is not how to play hard to get the right way.

Hard to get is more a state of mind. It’s about being selective. It’s about being cautious who you invest your time, energy, body and most importantly your heart into. If that pisses a man off, so be it. If we give ourselves to every Tom, Dick and Harry, well we aren’t really a valuable commodity are we? That makes us easy and what guy really wants an easy woman. Not many that I know of.

Men really do desire a woman with a higher degree of difficulty. The dating gurus now teach them not to chase women and how to make the women chase them. I don’t think this works very well long term. The reason being it’s human nature to value that which you work hardest for. Let me give you an example.

A guy drives an old jalopy car. It has dents in it, the paint is fading. His buddy needs to borrow it, he says no problem. He paid less than a grand for it. The insurance is cheap. It gets him where he wants to go, but he parks it anywhere and leaves it unattended. He doesn’t value it.

Now take a man that has a brand new shiny sports car. Leather seats, loaded. How did he get that car? He had to work hard to make enough money for starters. He values it. Let his buddy borrow it? No way. The insurance is out the roof. He parks it away from other cars and takes it to the car wash every weekend and keeps it up.

It’s not much different with women. The วิธีเล่นสล็อต มือใหม่ woman that came easy and doesn’t expect much from him and puts in all the work will find herself like the jalopy, unattended. The woman had to work for, he treats her well and wants to keep her. He worked hard to get her.

A woman who doesn’t just jump in with a man right away is smart. She knows her heart is precious and valuable. She doesn’t give it away to just any man because he shows a little attention. A woman with this attitude is desirable. He knows it is going to take a special man to win her heart and by winning her heart, he becomes that special man.

It’s like playing a slot machine. You will play it ten times in a row, but if you think there is a chance that the next spin might just be the one, you will keep on playing. Playing hard to get is a lot like this. You are easy to be with, but slow to surrender your heart. If he knows it’s possible, he will spin again and again.

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