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Pay Per Play Ads – An Internet Marketing Decision

Pay per Play (PPP) is an audio ad paid for on a pay per play basis. It is a simple way for advertisers to serve a 5 second audio to website visitors. Proponents claim PPP is the next big wave of internet advertising and constitutes an evolution in Internet Marketing. Its opponents call it Evil-lution. PPP potentially caters to an audience that is larger than TV, radio and print combined where performance is measurable and can be targeted on the bases of location and demographics. It has the potential of adding residual streams of income to Websites. The advertising will pay on 100% of website traffic with no clicks or redirects required. The ads may become the preferred income method for webmasters to generate much needed revenue.

This new platform has good  post free classified ads   potential and its creator claims it may become as big as PPC. This is an innovative internet advertising model introduced by NetAudioAds where websites and blogs can make money from their traffic. The advertising relies on a small java script inserted in a website or blog and whenever a visitor opens the URL, the clip plays automatically. We knew this was coming when we started listening to radio and watching TV on the computer. Current studies show that 50% of those who used to watch TV are now sitting in front of their computers, watching videos and listening to audio. The advertising and marketing just followed. You are not surprised are you? Sounds wonderful, but it is not without its detractors.

Read On! PPP works on a bid management system like Google AdWords and will pay on 100% of website traffic. PPP is one of the next big ideas and may be well worth checking out. It is free to join but once enough providers are in the doors will shut, or so they say. This is what you are told but I am sure they say it just to sign you up. Millions of dollars will be paid on a residual basis to those lucky enough to have set them selves up. You can earn by having the ads on your website and by referring other website owners, bloggers, and online companies to join. For a limited time we have the opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking new marketing system. By the way, NetAudioAds is not a new company; it’s been around for over 2 years, with 66,000 advertisers and over 550,000 websites serving audio ads. In Internet years this is a long time, one virtual year is equal to 10 human years.

The PPP opportunity is growing much faster than anticipated despite the negative press that it has been receiving from a group of unhappy detractors. It is all hush-hush but rumor has it they have signed a partnership deal with a BIG 5 search engine with the ability to serve billions of ads. I hope this is not Mickey Dees. NetAudioAds claims it will become the most powerful form of direct advertising the world has ever seen. I wonder if Pinky and the Brain know about this. By signing up you agree to place a single 5 second audio ads on your site or blog. You will be paid on a CPM basis and the effective rate you receive is determined by the NetAudioAds automated bid management system (NAAABMS). Wow!

Their opponents have launched their own anti ad campaign with many detractors on board. Quote – One of the biggest misnomers in their launch material is that they claim to already have advertisers on board. If you read carefully they say ads are not ready yet but as soon as enough websites have signed up they will ship. (I hope not on the Titanic). Not getting ads with sign up is a bit of a problem. This is where those rumors of scam get started. Getting affiliates to sign up on a promise without a product is quite a feat. But all things are possible when you work in the virtual world of the Internet.

This next quote is probably echoed by many. The common popup has always been the most obnoxious and most hated advertisement medium on the internet. Well it looks like Charles Heflin’s new product may try to take the top of the hill. I think for many this will resonate, but at the same time I think you need to listen to the ad before you pass judgment. I have listened and did not find them offensive. But that is me; you will have to listen to them for yourselves. If you are a website owner and your business drops off just turn them off!

As many of you know, trying to make money from the Internet is not simple. It is nothing if not competitive and very competitive at that. Anything that has potential to produce legitimate revenue should be seriously considered. I have read the material, pros and cons, listened to the audios, and have decided to consider PPP as a potential revenue source. I work hard coming up with promotions and spend lots of time and money getting my website and affiliate programs in place. Not to mention all the things I do to get traffic and visitors to consider my websites. I have considered the risks but am hopeful of the potential pay off. As you know only 5% of Internet marketers will succeed in generating profits online, the rest get lost in the virtual marketplace. You have seen their ghostly remains with the tag – Last Updated in 1999!

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