New Low Cost Outplacement Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3


Outplacement, for those not familiar with the term, has been around for 40 or 50 years. It is the process by which terminated employees, either for cause or for lack of work, are given outside assistance with their job search. It used to be that Outplacement was for Executives and done in a fancy office complete with clerical help, private telephones and personalized stationary. It was sometimes a negotiated benefit and included in many employment contracts. The cost of Outplacement was somewhere around 15 to 20% of a person’s salary. Those days are gone, as are the fancy outplacement offices, the clerical help and the private stationary.

We still have lay-offs, we still have terminations and yes, we still have Outplacement. However, the hefty price tag corporations have paid in the past and the fancy individualized services have been replaced with web-based outplacement….a far more effective and much less expensive way to provide outplacement. New, cost-effective web-based outplacement services are offered by larger outplacement companies, in addition to their more expensive programs. If you are searching for an outplacement provider for your company, ask for a password to their web-based program so that you may review the content. You may be surprised to see all the features these programs have to offer, but whatever you do, be sure the company provides a personalized, individual, one-on-one resume writing service to each participant. A good outplacement program, whether it is web-based or not, must provide a personalized resume writing service for each participant. When reviewing programs, look for such things as job search training, interviewing skills, negotiating skills, job search services, networking advice, internet search training, company research and self marketing skills in the web-based program. If such a program doesn’t offer these basic parts of outplacement, we suggest paper writing service reddit you move on and find another. As mentioned above, pricing has come down significantly since the days of the fancy offices. Instead of paying 15 to 20% of an employee’s salary, you should now be paying somewhere between $300 and $700 for outplacement, which should include individual resume preparation….a far cry from the old days of $15,000 to $20,000 per person.

Web-based outplacement programs are easily found simply by doing a Google search. Beware however, that you don’t chose a program that is either incomplete or put together very haphazardly. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies who have put more effort into Search Engine Optimization in order to have their company come up in searches, than they did the outplacement program itself. That’s why it is extremely important to “test drive” any program you are considering, before you buy!


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