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Massage Etiquette 101 – 8 Common Questions Answered


Massage Etiquette 101 8 Common Questions Answered

When getting a London nuru massage, it’s important to know proper massage etiquette. You should know how much to tip your masseuse, how clean to be, and whether or not to get totally naked before your appointment. You might also want to ask your masseuse a few additional questions before your appointment.

How much do you tip a massage therapist?

When it comes to tipping a massage therapist, it can be difficult to know how much to give. In many cases, it is customary to give a minimum of 15-20% of the service price. While this is a nice gesture, it may not be appropriate in all situations. To ensure that you know how much to tip your massage therapist, it is best to discuss tipping before the service begins.

Massage therapists are professionals who appreciate a tip. If you feel the massage therapist has gone above and beyond their duties, you can always tip them. They may not need tips, but it doesn’t hurt to express your satisfaction. A good tip for a massage therapist can go a long way toward making the experience more enjoyable for both the therapist and the client.

The amount you should tip your massage therapist will depend on the type of massage you receive. Massage therapists typically make between 40 and 50% of their total services. If they sell a product, some massage therapists earn a commission. If you’re getting a massage at a luxury spa, the massage therapists may be entitled to an additional 20% tip.

Massage therapists working for corporations tend to make more money than those who work for themselves. In fact, they typically earn up to 30% more per massage than those working independently. Many companies even pay therapists outside of the massage session for additional duties. It’s always a good idea to tip them.

Although massage therapists prefer clients to pay in cash, you can leave tips by giving them a credit card. They may add the card payments to their paychecks later. Some massage therapy salons will provide envelopes where clients can put their cash tips. Clients can also hand their cash to the therapist following a massage.

Many people feel unsure about tipping a massage therapist. The standard in North America is 20 percent. There are exceptions to this rule, such as all-inclusive resorts.

Do I have to go completely naked?

Getting a massage in a completely naked state may seem like a risky proposition. Even though massage therapists are trained to cover their bodies with sheets, some people don’t feel comfortable taking off their clothes for even a short massage. No matter what reason you have for wanting a nude massaging, it will help your therapist locate pressure points on your body.

Many people are nervous about receiving a massage while completely naked. Most Western spas have specific guidelines about whether clients can get totally naked. However, even those spas that allow bare-bodies will generally cover their clients from the waist down and allow only the areas that are being massaged to be seen.

You don’t have to be completely naked for most massages. Although most massages can be performed in full-clothes, there are times when you may need to remove all clothing. Full-body massages require the therapist to work throughout your entire body. It is best to wear comfortable clothes.

The massage therapist will tell you to undress to a level that is comfortable for you. Your therapist will ask you to remove all clothing if you are uncomfortable. He or she will then drape a sheet over your lower body. If you feel comfortable, you can also leave your underwear on. Your only problem with wearing your underwear is that it can make the job of the therapist more difficult. Also, baggy boxer shorts might make it difficult for your therapist to move freely around your body.

Some massage therapists insist on wearing underwear when getting a full body massage. For instance, MassageJoy in the U.K. does require clients to remove their clothes, but that does not mean that you have to go completely bare. You may find sheets at massage parlors to help you keep your modesty in check. You can even choose a male or female therapist. Just remember to tip a massage therapist if you think they did a good job.


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