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Get Creative With My Duc Ceramics

Products from My Duc Ceramics are considerably ceramic planter great options for your home decoration needs. They are highly attractive, durable, versatile, and available in many unique style collections. You can use My Duc Ceramics tiles to liven up your living space, and create beautiful designs for your flooring, walls, countertops, and shower rooms.

My Duc Ceramics specializes in producing top-quality ceramic tiles that are used for wall and floor applications. This Vietnam-based company uses traditional processes with the help of highly advanced technology to make environmentally friendly, innovative, and effective ceramic tiles. It’s no wonder that they were able to achieve ISO certifications for their products.

Ceramic tiles are flat-surfaced blocks that are traditionally made from clay and baked under an intense firing temperature. These can be thick or thin, depending on the planned purpose. They can be used to decorate pools, showers, kitchen countertops, just to site a few; ceramic tiles are more popularly used as floor tiles.

My Duc tiles are created using the traditional materials, clay plus quartziferous sand and glass. These tiles are corrosion-resistant and wear well over time. Due to the nature of the production technique (extreme kiln firing), slight variations in their physical features (e.g. size and color) are highly expected.

There are practically hundreds of ways to get creative with your ceramic tiles. How about creating your mosaic tile masterpiece? You really don’t have to worry about broken tile scraps because my duc ceramics mosaic tiles are available. Just be aware that floor tiles can’t function as wall tiles, and the same holds true with the other. Floor tiles are specifically created to be heavy-duty and thick to hold well against rugged application.

Before you buy ceramic tiles, you have to make sure that you’ve checked the place where you intend to install these. Take note of the number of tiles that you need to cover up the whole space. Decide on the texture, size, and color (or colors) that will fit your design plan. This is an important step to narrow down the chances of wasting your money on the wrong set of tiles for your project.

A ceramic tile is not equivalent to a glossy surface. Glazing is totally optional. Plus, there are also different levels of glossing for each type of ceramic tile. And for safety reasons, do not place glossy tiles on your bathrooms or other areas that are used while wet-slipping accidents might happen.

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