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Downloadable Movies Scams

Many downloadable movies scams are floating around the internet and we wittingly or unwittingly sometimes find ourself caught up in them. Whether we are naive or are willing participants looking for a freebie doesn’t matter to the scammers. Our money is what they are after or to serve ads on our computer through adware. Some are even after infecting our computers with viruses, spyware or some other malady.

What are these scams? Well they run the gamut from warez to torrent sites offering dvd movies for free, enticing you to join or become a member although they are distributing these films illegally. Increasingly we are seeing a new wave of websites offering thousands of downloadable movies to your computer or hundreds of TV channels for a minimal onetime or monthly fee when not having the right to do so.

A word of caution check the McAfee SiteAdvisor ratings for these sites or do an internet search before getting involved with them. Many times we find ourselves caught up in the latest technological fad not giving a hoot about the creators of the products we are enjoying, their labor, sacrifice or right to earn from their talents.

It amazes me how people claiming to be big movie buffs or fans of some actors are not willing to pay for the dvd movies of these said stars and find no problems in downloading their films from a warez or torrent website for free with little thought about their idol.

However, poetic justice usually prevails as many of these scams eventually burn the culprits, who then find out that free online movies are not so free after all. The price they pay is usually a computer virus, adware, or some other malady which may go so far as to steal your personal and sensitive data from your computer.oglądaj filmy w sieci These are the scams: breach your computer security to get sensitive information, serve advertisement on your computer or sucker you into some onetime or monthly membership fee, track wherever you go on the internet through spyware.

Many reputable companies and websites are being caught up in these bad practices and may unknowingly be contributing to the their spreading by facilitating the collection of fees, advertising and hosting.

The film industry is fighting back by making movies available for download through legitimate websites and this is a commendable thing as it allows us to stay in our homes and order movies legally. Its good to see them fighting back by monitoring these illegal sites, prosecuting culprits and offering us the opportunity to download full version movies online. Its a step in the right direction to fight these scams.

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