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Dietary Guide for Gym Enthusiasts


Abs are nurtured by a combination of healthy diet and rigorous gym workout. Carbohydrates are consumed for replenishing muscle glycogen levels after a rigorous workout. Eating a well-balanced carbohydrate diet is the difference between a lean and fat body. Usually, gym professionals advise on consuming two meals before workout. A healthy dosage of potatoes and oats increases glycogen levels in a human body. A healthy dosage of potatoes and oats allow a body to energize before a workout. More so, a workout diet prevents low sugar levels, which could lead to light-headedness and fatigue.

Fast-digestive proteins

Research suggests, an intake of protein diet before training produces better results as opposed to after training. A well-balanced protein diet boosts up energy levels in a human body prior to gym-training. Moreover, it also reduces cortisol levels.

Creatine diet

There are various forms of creatine available. Gym enthusiasts usually prefer mono-hydrate creatine. It is nourishing and highly recommended by professional bodybuilders.

2-5 grams of creatine intake ensures a proper workout regimen. Adequate creatine will help the body in lifting heavier weights. It facilitates more reps in comparison to a normal diet. Creatine can be consumed before and after a workout. Over-dosage of creatine results in heavy excretion.


Beta-alanine increases muscle endurance. Fatigue is mainly caused due to intramuscular acidosis. In order to counter fatigue, the body uses L-carnosine. It’s an anti-oxidation agent.

For people doing heavy-duty weightlifting require a specialized cocktail for keeping their body re-energized. It entails the following mash-up:

· Electrolytes

· Water

· Carbs

· Protein


For building up the body and tissues, proteins are necessary for body growth. The human body is constantly breaking up proteins for a healthier living. The intake plans differ with respect to size, timing, weight and pre-post workout.

Whey protein is consumed for building lean muscle. Furthermore, it also helps in muscle repair. Gym enthusiasts advise on consuming 20 grams of whey protein on a daily basis.

On the other hand, whey protein is an insufficient source of protein. It’s mostly mixed with casein for increasing amino acid levels.


Oatmeal is a vital source of minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids. In essence, oatmeal is a complete meal for morning workouts. It releases sugar into blood stream gradually, facilitating a bloated feeling. Oatmeal is usually consumed with berries and fruits for hydration purposes.

Legumes and sprouts hot and cold gel gift set CBD fitness gels bundle

Legumes and sprouts are high nutritious snacks consumed by gym-enthusiasts. Sprouts are mainly rich in fibers, proteins, vitamin C and K. Sprouts are rich in carbohydrates, providing energy for longer durations.


Absence of sugar and glycogen in a human body can cause tissue damage. Amino acids regulate anti-oxidant activity and immune function in a human body. As a rule of thumb, 10 grams of amino-acids are daily needed by a human body. It’s imperative to have an intake of 50-75 grams of carbs after a workout.

Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are a healthy workout snack. It is usually consumed before workouts. Watermelon, banana, mango and pineapple are highly nutritious fruit shakes, consumed by gym-enthusiasts. They are a rich source of proteins and carbohydrates, needed essentially during workout regimens.



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