David And Goliath – The Unforgettable Victory. Success Lessons From the 2007 Rugby Union World Cup Part 9 – David Loses to Goliath


On either side of the valley of Elah, stood two opposing armies; the Israelites and the Philistines. The battle had not commenced as the Philistines had a great champion, a man of gargantuan stature who thundered every day for Israel to produce a man brave enough to challenge him. If the Israelite won, the Philistines would become Israel’s slaves but if the opposite was the case, then the Israelites would become slaves to the Philistines. The very appearance of the man and his intimidating threats, were more than enough to strike terror into the hearts of those normally brave warriors of Israel. No one volunteered and the days passed.Amazon Ring: Explaining concerns about the smart, controversial doorbell,  from privacy to hacking - National | Globalnews.ca

One day there arrived in the camp of Israel  Türklingel a young man named David. He had brothers in Israel’s army although he himself was but a shepherd boy, tending his father Jesse’s sheep. He had been sent by his father to bring food and provisions to his brothers but they treated him with contempt and asked him who had been left in charge of the flocks. Undoubtedly they were ashamed to be discovered cowering before the taunts and threats of Goliath the giant. They accused him of spying and told him to get back home as soon as possible.

David weighed up the situation and having seen and heard Goliath for himself, he offered to fight the Philistine champion. Many of the Israelites sneered at his audacity but they were unwilling to risk their lives and so king Saul was informed of David’s offer. It was Israel’s only hope and though they were not brim full of hope or confidence, Saul encouraged David to wear armour to give him some protection, though they were convinced that David would be surely killed. Unaccustomed as he was to wear such heavy, encumbering armour, David declined the offer of protection and went into the valley to face the giant who laughed derisively at the youth who so foolishly dared to fight him.

David however had had experiences that gave him great confidence; God had enabled him to kill a lion and a bear that had attacked his flocks and he was confident that he could now rely on the unchanging God to defeat this uncouth Philistine who dared to belittle the children of God. He was not relying upon his strength or his skill but on God alone to help him.

As he crossed the shallow brook in the valley he picked out five smooth stones, placed four in his pouch and the fifth in his shepherd’s sling. He swung his sling round and round as he was so accustomed to do and released the stone. God directed it in its flight to the forehead of the giant who immediately feel on his proud face. All watched and waited to see if he had but stumbled but he was dead and the Philistines fled in fear when they realised that their champion was dead. God always honours simple, unwavering faith in Him.

I would of course have wanted England or Scotland to win the world cup since my ancestors come from both countries but England, at least, had shown what a defeated and ridiculed team could do when they started believing in themselves and gave the game one hundred per cent of their energy and determination.

Gethin Jones, who went out of the UK Strictly Come Dancing Semi Final on December 15th 2007, said much the same thing about the dance competition. By the semi-final he had learned how to give 100%. He had learned how to “go out and shake everything” in the Latin dances and that it was “OK to be confident on the dance floor”.

He clearly would have liked to have been in the final with Camilla Dallerup, his brilliant partner, and to have won the competition but what really mattered was the personal breakthrough he had achieved by giving everything and no longer being half-hearted about what he was doing. He had also learned a great skill – how to dance.

However, the Fijians, as the quote above suggests, also have fun at fifteen a side rugby. As a former prop forward, I feel that it is the backs who have most fun in the game of rugby as they can run around and chuck the ball about while the forwards sweat blood simply to gain possession of the ball!

Play any sport that is fun and you will get fit at the same time without noticing the effort it takes. The Fijians shine at seven a side rugby but are also good at fifteen a side rugby and are capable of taking on the best in the world. None come better than South Africa – the Springboks.

The Springboks’ infallible kicker, Percy Montgomery, missed his first penalty kick. Someone asked if the Mistral was to blame? The Mistral is a strong wind from the North West affecting the eastern Mediterranean coast of France, from Marseille to St. Tropez.

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