There are lots of ways to warm your home to get you through those long, sometimes nasty winters. You could utilize regular electric heating elements, though the electric bill could really add up if this is your sole source of heat. Then there are the oil-based or gas heating elements, which can also get very costly, not to mention dangerous if your oil or lp were to ignite. One of the safer and more fun ways to heat your home would be though the use of wood heating elements. No matter how small or large your residence is, there is like one that will suit you well.

Set a Mood with Wood Heating elements

Wood heating elements are not just for increased temperatures a place up. In fact, they can also be used for ambiance. There are few things more wood heaters cozy or enjoyable than sitting by the fire with a warm cup of hot chocolate and your friends or family nearby. Of course, these are also perfect for setting a loving mood as well. A roaring fire with all the heat and crackling sounds can help make a moment with your special someone even more enjoyable and memorable.

Save on Electricity

If your electric utility bill is sky high, using these heat sources for all or at least part of your heating needs can certainly help. Sure, you will still need to buy wood, but that may be cheaper than electricity. If you have a cottage in the woods or near trees and shrubs, you can cut your own to plug you to the land and give you a feeling of accomplishment, not to mention save you money. Often times, if you buy the wood hemorrhoids or sections in bulk, you can get a discount that will go a long ways towards minimizing the stress on your wallet.

Wood Pellet Burners

When most people picture a fire, they see roaring fireplace with whole sections of fire wood in the individual. While you can certainly get this kind of burner, there are other ways to go about it as well. Those large fireplaces are meant for large areas, and if you burn very much material in a smaller space, you are likely to overheat the place, and then it will feel like a slimmer. If you have a smaller space that needs heating, then choose a pellet burner. There are lots of good reasons to buy this type, including:

The pellets are made from sawdust that burns clean, and it is quite simple to throw one into your heater to warm things up without overwhelming the room with too much heat. They are generally small , nor take up a lot of space, making them perfect for small rooms or smaller houses.

Full Size Sliced Wood Heating elements

If you do would like that big, roaring fire, then this is the type you need to get. These fit anywhere from small to large sized sections or fire wood, and they can heat a large room quite nicely. Often, you can put some fresh fire wood in before bed, and keep the place cozy all night. There is just something about dropping off to sleep to the sound of crackling fire wood that cannot be cloned.

Cooking and Heating with Wood Heating elements

There are even ranges still available that allow you to cook full meals and heat your home at the same time. There was once a time when this became the only type of cooker available, so almost every home had one. Soon, that was false, as electric or gas models replaced the vast majority of them. For a long time, it was hard to get this type of cooker, these were only available used, and were often rusted or in ill repair. Now, you can get a brand new one to cook and cook with while still making your home warm and cozy.


As you would with a fireplace, you should follow all safety precautions for open flare. The manufacturer should include a book to give you all the guidelines. As long as you follow these guidelines and get it professionally installed, your heating elements should last which you lifetime and give you plenty of heat and joy.

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