If you own a chainsaw and depend on it for DIY projects or use it for work, you are bound to eventually have troubles with it running correctly. This can really slow you down or completely stop your project until you figure out what the problem is, or get your chainsaw into a repair shop to get fixed. Knowing how to troubleshoot and having some spare parts on hand can be the difference between getting your work done for the day or having major delays.

There are three main parts to a chainsaw engine that should be checked to try to determine why it is not running correctly. The ignition system, the compression system and the fuel system should all be checked in order to locate the problem.

When checking the ignition system the first step is to see if there is a spark in the spark plug when trying to start the chainsaw. If there is no spark, most likely you will just need to replace the spark plug. Having an extra spark plug on hand that fits your model of chainsaw will save you a lot of time if this comes up. If replacing the spark plug doesn’t solve the problem it is possible that there is a loose wire or connection. Check around to see if you can see any wiring that looks damaged or loose. If this is the case, it might be a little harder to repair, unless you are good at that type of repair and have the right tools and parts.

The next thing to check would be the compression system. The main thing to check here would be the compression filter. Check to see if is clean and if not replace it. From here, you may need to remove the starter cover and check the starter pars including the cords, recoil spring, Grinding of crankshaft repair and pulley. Also in the compression system, you may have to inspect the cylinders, pistons, and crankshaft seals. Inspect these parts for damage and replace them if necessary. Again this requires have the proper tools and expertise for such in depth repairs. Make sure to use only authorized parts from the manufacturer to insure proper functioning of your chainsaw in the future.

If these repairs have not fixed the problem and the chainsaw is still not running correctly you may have to also check the fuel system. This is obvious to most, but make sure you are using the correct fuel and oil mixture. The gas tank may need cleaning as well as the carburetor. Also check to see if it may be necessary to replace any of the gaskets, cylinders, or fuel lines.

If these steps are beyond your expertise, you may save the most time by taking your chainsaw in to a repair facility. Check your owner’s manual to find a phone number that will help you locate an authorized facility near you. If your chainsaw is still under warranty, you will want to take it in to a repair facility instead of attempting repair yourself so you will not void the warranty.


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