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B2B Directories


Often an advertisement on your mailbox about some B2B portal must have caught your eye and this new addition in the internet terminology must have intrigued you. B2B or Business to Business is the term given to the new generation business method where all the transactions happen online.

What is a B2B Portal?

Quite simply a b2b portal or a business-to-business portal is an online business portal. It is a one-stop shop for all the large buyers and sellers to come together and engage in business activities with each other.

Internet has come in with many advantages for the human kind. A b2b portal is yet another of them. We have been commencing global trade since ancient times however a b2b portal only simplifies it to a large extent.

What are B2B Directories?

In simple words, they are the online yellow pages for traders commencing global business. You can find almost any kind of exports or imports services listed in these directories and connect with them instantly.

It is like a market for exporters, importers, Suppliers, dealers and wholesalers where they can find a solution to all there needs at one place. For instance, if you are a shoe manufacturer and are looking for a place where buyers can easily find you, then you can go to a b2b portal and register yourself giving a detailed description of your product, price and the minimum order that can be placed. Any wholesaler or retailer interested in your product can contact you through the portal and place an order. Buyers – Get Quotations From B2bmap Suppliers

A b2b directory in most times will have an alphabetical arrangement of portals or manufactures according to the product they manufacture. If you are a buyer and need to place an order for say furniture, then you can simply go to the page listing all the products from ‘F’, select furniture, choose the kind of furniture you need and find out which manufacturer suits your needs the best. You can easily place an order after that and get your business moving.

In this way, a b2b directory provides access to useful information for anybody engaged in any kind of business and gives an excellent platform for it.



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